Housing Preservation Project

Low-income seniors throughout Cook County are in need of access to legal services to preserve their homeownership rights. Many live in homes passed down through the generations, but the public record does not reflect that they have an interest in the property. If title is incorrect, seniors are unable to sell their homes, refinance, claim property tax exemptions for which they qualify, or draw from the equity to make needed repairs. They are also unable to apply for emergency funds that may be available to them such as though the City of Chicago Roof and Porch Repair Program or the Emergency Heating Repair Program.


The Housing Preservation Project (HPP) provides legal assistance to cost-burdened senior homeowners with issues including title correction, property tax matters, foreclosure and building code violation defense, and succession planning, helping to ensure seniors' ability to age in place. 


The HPP provides outreach presentations in community areas impacted by these issues and hosts legal workshops where homeowners sit down with pro bono attorneys at their appointment times to discuss the results of the public records searches conducted for the property. Where necessary, it also offers legal representation related to these homeownership issues for clients who qualify for CDEL's services.


Community Partners interested in more information or scheduling a workshop can reach out to CDEL here.