How to Request Service

CDEL has a very small staff and most of our volunteers do not provide legal services from our office.  We cannot promise to respond to requests for service from people who walk-in to our office simply because there will not always be someone available to assist someone. 

Persons interested in requesting legal services from CDEL should:

Review the eligibility requirements for service on this website, then:

Contact our office by phone or facsimile at:

312-376-1880 (Voice) or

312-376-1885 (Facsimile) 

We will return the message and perform an initial screening for everyone who contacts us, in the order of contact, as soon as possible.  Once an initial screening has been done, the information is reviewed by a member of our staff.  We will then call or write you to provide further information and/or instructions regarding the next steps in the process of requesting services; or

Use the form below to:

Provide us with information and a very brief note telling us why you are requesting legal services.  We will respond via email if you provide an address, otherwise by phone, as soon as possible.

Request Legal Services

All fields required unless otherwise specified.