How can you help?

Thank you for your interest in the Center for Disability & Elder Law (CDEL).  We would not exist without the financial support we receive from the legal community, corporations, foundations and individuals.

Your donations make it possible for CDEL to continue to provide access to legal services to those members of our society who are most vulnerable and least able to access justice, the poor who are elderly or who have disabilities. CDEL is a non-profit, Section 501(c)(3) legal services organization, and donations are tax deductible to the extent provided by law.

  • Join us in our commitment and support our efforts by making a donation today by using the “Donate Now” button on this and other pages of this website to make a secure contribution online.
  • Attend a CDEL Event to learn more about CDEL and the people we serve.
  • Contact your employer’s Human Resources Department to see if your employer has a “matching gift” program.  These programs will match, or in some cases triple, your donation to CDEL.

Are there more ways to support CDEL?

Yes! We encourage you to explore the information in this section to learn more about those who currently support CDEL and about other ways in which you can contribute to our efforts.