Veterans Legal Clinics

What is the Veterans Legal Clinic?

CDEL created the Veterans Legal Clinic at the Jesse Brown VA, 820 S. Damen, Suite 2320, Chicago, IL, and Hines VA, Building 228, 4th Floor North, Hines, IL so senior veterans and veterans with disabilities could access our services more conveniently andreceive responses to inquiries quickly.

Eligibility Requirements

In order to receive assistance, a participant must be a veteran who lives in Cook County, IL and must either be a senior (60+) or live with a disability. Veterans who are in the adjudication phase for disability benefits are eligible to participate.

The Veterans Legal Clinics are a recognized Medical Legal Partnership. 

The Veterans Legal Clinics are a proud member of the Illinois Armed Forces Legal Aid Network


* 855-452-3526  or 855-IL-AFLAN*

To volunteer, please contact CDEL here, or through the Chicagao Bar Foundation/Paladin site, located here.