Proud to Thrive for LGBT Elders

Proud to Thrive provides legal services for low-income LGBT elders across Cook County. Because of lifetime experiences of discrimination, invalidation, and ongoing legal marginalization, many LGBT older adults experience disparities while aging compared to non-LGBT elders and are more likely to have legal concerns. However, many LGBT elders lack access to culturally responsive resources to address these needs. Proud to Thrive addresses this inequity by providing legal services, implementing monthly legal clinics in LGBT-affirming locations, and by organizing advance directive workshops across Cook County.


Proud to Thrive provides legal services in the same civil practice areas as CDEL, especially in the areas of estate planning, housing issues, and property tax and title issues, to address concerns held by many LGBT elders. In terms of age for eligibility for services, Proud to Thrive recognizes that lifetimes of intersectional discrimination and oppression experienced by the LGBT community may affect life expectancy, and addresses this reality by providing services with an understanding that what it means to be an “elder” in the LGBT community is not rigidly age-determinative.

Proud to Thrive also provides LGBT elder cultural responsiveness training to legal practitioners.

Community Partners interested in more information or scheduling a workshop can reach out to CDEL here.