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Our society has a fundamental obligation to guarantee justice for all of its members. The Center for Disability & Elder Law (CDEL) has been expanding access to justice to persons marginalized by poverty, age and/or disability, for over thirty five years.

Center for Disability & Elder Law

CDEL provides free legal services to low-income seniors and people with disabilities throughout Cook County.  We focus our efforts on matters related to financial and housing stability, estate planning including end-of-life planning, divorce, and adult guardianship. 

Client Testimonials


When Mr. Smith's three children were all diagnosed with the same rare neurological disorder, CDEL knew it had to help.  CDEL represented Mr. Smith in becoming the childrens' guardian so he could coordinate their medical care.  Later, CDEL advocated for accessible, affordable housing so the children would all have their own bedroom and space for necessary medical equipment.


Ms. Clark received an interest in property after her mother's death, but she could not access the asset due to the co-owner's refusal to communicate with her or sell the property.  Urgency became necessary after Ms. Clark learned the property taxes were delinquent and she was at risk of losing the equity in the home completely.  CDEL matched Ms. Clark with pro bono attorneys who represented her in court and ensured that the property was sold, the taxes were redeemed, and that Ms. Clark received her one half share of the proceeds.

"Our interaction with CDEL was nothing short of amazing. Their knowledge and background made the guardianship process an easy and flawless experience. We truly appreciate all of your help. Thanks for everything that you do!!"

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